Emotional Fescue

What action to take with landscape
That just lays there, still life.
What action to take with landscape 
But too explore! To run, to walk, to hike to climb
Sink my feet in the clayey banks of the river
To summit mountains, to swim lakes
Get some ocean sand between my toes
What action to take with the landscape
To mow the emotional fescue
To spelunk the depths to soar over spiny ridge
What action to take with the landscape
Move boulders, lift logs
To garden, thrust hands into the soil
To taste the fruits and clear spring water
There are wonders to behold near and far
The land holds more than you’ll ever see
But to sit still upon the ground
Realize you’re rooted down
Seeking not the wind, let it come to you
Embrace a stillness
Hear what sounds come to you
Detach, and become connected
What action to take with the landscape?
None, save one, and that is simply
To feel

20170720 prompt at http://www.dVersepoets.com, to find action in landscape

Mask of conformity

When consumerism has eaten everything else
It slurps down freedom, given away with glee
All who stand out get their heads sliced off
When the slightest deviation is discernable,
Measured and, tracked.  Your advertising
Curated, tailored to your taste, designed
To sap you of every last penny…
As the silos deepen,
 the rugged individualist dons the mask
Of uniformity, and there finds a kind
Of escape from information, when
Every face in every camera is the same
Only then will that freedom reign



more magnificent than you know
yet you don’t let it show
within, there is such peace, glory and radiance
go through that door, and dance
you wonder why you’re unsettled, uncentered
what would make a supernova sicker
then settling to be just a flicker?


20170717  http://www.dversepoets.com offered the prompt to write a quadrille including the word Flicker, (or a variant)  the quadrille’s words number forty four, no less, no more.

Bangladesh becomes boats

I stab myself repeatedly
Trying to crack the nut within.
Glacial calving, iceberg fingernail clippings
In soft ocean sheets
Disturb sleeping shipping dreamboats
Slicing deeper, take the whole finger
Stateside, statesized bergs 
Barely raise brows, but
What that melting will make
Of levees, low countries, costal cities.
Bangladesh floats, becomes boats
from corn, to rice, to fish these farms
The inward nut is rusted shut
The A/C nor TV won’t shut off
Condensation dripping
Waters wild
Cucumber vines below.
The burning continues
Electric, motors, smoke and fire
Oil gas charcoal wood pellets shale
When we’re done the water will burn too

20170715 http://withrealtoads.blogspot.com/2017/07/weekend-challenge-imagining-changing.html