The Salve and the Salt

How can i not be two-faced?
Worthlessly I somehow think I deserve respect
So I bring those two attitudes to the world
Perhaps I think that respect would salve my worthlessness
So I bully my way through the door marked Deserve
Then wonder why my deserved doesn’t come.
Would you bring me respect when I bring you ridicule?
So these actions, selfish, self-serving, rooted
In my worthlessness, sown with bitterness,
Bear only rotten fruit.  And I, so oblivious to others
Was surprised by this!  Thus instead of salve,
To that primal wound
I was applying salt.
Now Eric, what will you do from here? This respect
Must start first in you, if it is to find you.


On Weeping

i used to cry only alone
at night or in the shower
and only in my deepest grief

now, with the beloved so near
and the brittleness of my fear
with grief, joy, heartbeat, i weep




Can it be, I am yet, only three?
I got him into a corner, that little boy me
He dug in his heels
He’s trying to tell me something
I’m not listening


The chicken and the lion

The little boy in me, 
the lions share even at this age,
Is yet not innocent enough
To let the lion out.
There is still enough. Fear in me
To leave the lion locked up.
And you know, I can’t blame him
The lion has been fierce and wild.
somehow I hope to teach him
Of the lions nobility.
For that I’ll need
The kings majesty.
Heh, but look inside and see,
The king can tame the wild warrior.
I thought the warrior was caged,
And the king abdicated.  But in wrighting this
Mayhap I’ve got the players mixed up.
Of course, the egg came first
The chicken was too afraid


The natural word

Is there something about the world around you that’s so prose
That you must run away?
Come here, sit and read?
There is something missing.
So take in these chicken scratches, turn these marks to sound
And in listening to words that are not there
Imagine flight on a wing, and a prayer?
For it is the doom of man to dream, to make
Is there any word for nature to take?
We try, but no.  For how can you conjure the scent
Of salt spray or pine, if you’ve not smelt it?
 The wind will whisper through those pines, 
but that story is not English.
I cannot capture the endless flowing of the stream
In finite words.  This is the inadequacy of my poetness.
With any luck, and some magic, I’ll hint at it
And your heart will swell the way the water does 
when it meets your body, how it gives, and takes away,
And moves you.  

How the wind speaks, and licks the heat from you
And fills you with vitality.  It takes the sandbag from
Inside you, and puts the idol in it’s place.  Tilt your head
In a certain way and you’ll hear the sunlight
Tickling the grass.  God is speaking to you 
In a thousand ways.  It is not to hear with ears.
Become swollen with it, let it fill you
The bear will not eat you if it is within you
Let not these words lie
Let the truth shine despite them

20170823 poets united


the north side of town has less money and darker skins
So those from the south didn’t go there much, but 
For her I would cross those tracks that served as a border

There was a farmhouse in Iowa where the young widow
Would open her house in hope that He would come,
But could she see beyond her hope that Jesus was her boarder

Across valleys and mountains, two hundred feet wide
For a thousand miles, trees mowed down, straight, narrow
Imaginary mapline becomes bulldozed border

Stop, you’ve gone too far.  You must have your papers
All in order and approved by the state.  The eagle
Flies above the checkpoint, sans border.

We come to play with separateness and division 
Then stake claim, talk of fences
And fight wars over arbitrary borders

Flowing down from mountains, bringing
Life giving water to both banks
The rivers bear the burdens of our borders

For my friends at dVerse and imaginary garden

Out of the closet

With my finger firmly in the dyke I say
What did I know of what behind it lay

The sea is piling up outside
Gathering it’s mighty tide

Someday there will be naught to do but drown
I’m the net in the match tween sea and ground

I did not care to go to sea
Instead those waters, they found me

Poets united.