A spectrum overcome

A poem lovely as
Mongolian tents
German urbanites
Double edged knives
To get away with it is fun
Feels like I’ve won



War, declared

The antagonists assemble
On either side of the field
Others come, banners flying
To pitch their flags 
On one side or the other
The arrow is broken
The horn of their ancestors
Sounds out


The sheep and the stone

My axions push actions
Airsmell afterstormy ions
In cubes I keep my socks
Rolled like sheeps in little flocks
The sheepdog is the box.
my actions are cons
I want to be more on. 
Oh what we can make
From certain kinds of rocks. 

DVerse quadrille.


When words fail
Those gnawing teeth of the mind
Then the heart will prevail

My mind dashes about
Trying to make a meaning
In which I can feel safe
With words it’s usurped my I
Built a story it thinks is me

This incessant internal chatter
Belies my outward calm
Denies my truth and charm
Chakras live in separate apartments
What lies present themselves on my palm

Television sets sit in other rooms blaring
Serious radio, motors of air handlers
(Country folk call them fans)
Highway traffic and jumbo jets
Fill the world, like within, so without

What disaster will it take
For from this dream to finally wake?
Knock down my towers tall
The word machine to sputter and stall

Then, when those gnawing teeth of the mind finally fail,
Then in silence the soul can shine,
Then the heart will prevail

DVerse poets pub prompt