Play, Michigan J

A hypnotisimists dizzying display
Of directing redirecting wordplay
Plays out upon the black rock playa
Cuba goodings gangsta playa acts
Cubewanos distant spinning ways
Counter-weighs the draw bridge up
Giddy joys spill overfilled with play!



ii know nothing about privledge

talk to me about getting fired
talk to me about the interview
the no, with no explanation.
the worthlessness and despair.
about being the fat kid, the
cant-catch-the-ball kid
(a ball? you were lucky)
cross the street so you might not get beat up today
or how girls wouldn’t come near me
and when one finally did, she
dumped me for my ‘friend’ tony
the dead end jobs
(a job? you were lucky)
the benders in that
decrepped apartment above a store
with a tar roof backyard, filled
with an air conditioning unit.
roaches, pidgeons, the plaster
ceiling on the floor
ramen, again.


i know nothing of privledge

i stride down 37th street like i own the place
i am broad and tall and ripped, strong
5 oclock shadow and white as snow
everywhere i go
people give me money,
beg me to work for them
women shower me with affection
they do my bidding
with the slightest inclination


Ira Roth, child

No offence can I lay upon this page
That can go, without being taken,
Or if stufft into a drawer or coffin:
Word cannot inflame, unread, unspaken

What of other eyes and ears these words applied?
For if I know you not dear reader, there
Then how can I cajole or provoke, when
All you need to do is just not care?

Pockets lined with benjamines
Strip the wealth from laywers hip

Smell the musk, look through those gates
Dipped in muck, your poorer fate
Look, there! A wall! Declared!
Unobserved the machine is spared

Ass and Elle arm wrestle
Drive you to buy a new vessel
With each dollar the underlying
Power grows in horror


Another Dog

Tonight another Dog is in my den
Another gator in my fen
I must behave a certain way, but
Another hog is in my pen

These words are another dance
Billowing caftan over white legged pants
A dervish twirling circumscribing
My heart pricked by my own lance

Beating around the bushes here
Circling around, drawing near
But avoiding the black fist gripped center
Where dwells my darkest fear

It’s cracked, my uncaring veneer
A safety net I schlepped for years
A bed of nails, blanket of bee-sting tails
Sinking in a sea of tears

tonight another dog is in my den
There is food enough and water too
Another Now is in my when
A brighter ink is in my pen



How did I get here?
The first thirty levels were nothing
Child’s play
(level up)
It’s a miracle I made it
Through the boredom
And simplicity
(level up)
I felt smarter than the game maker
My points and perks
Kept piling up
(level up)
It wasn’t till level 607
That it got hard enough to be interesting
Though the bosses still fell
(level up)
At 739 it’s getting
Harder to climb
Is there no endgame?
(level up)