She hits me constantly

Each moment a new wave

Of why, should, ought.

Each new worry wears my stone

Each fret I get a little higher strung

Each new critique gnaws my bone

Weakeness sloughs off

Thus my soul is polished

My edge honed


Dragon tale

I heard about dragons
Who terrorized the village
stole their treasures.
I didn’t know where it lived
Came to find it fantastical
I wondered why I had no gold
And about my self-loathing
I found him deep dark
With mouth open
And jumped in


walkabout – town

we walked this sidewalk
perhaps six thousand times
picking up roadside flotsam
or the stray-lost dime

watched as the flowers flew
from forsythia to azalea
and rhododendron, annual turning,
shrubby heads in spring’s regalia

tripping on root-raised flagstone slabs
as we walked he’d often joke
or teach about each passing tree
Hornbeam, locust, plane and oak

watching neighbors come and going
Mr Murray and his ’41 chevy
Laundry day for Clara Barton
the green grass down by the levee

still i walk along that same route
in rainy soak or sunshine
circumnavigate whole town blocks
then home for dinner, just in time


dVerse Poetics: On Wandering & Observing

Country silence

Those birds, up late discoursing
In song, joined by the frog
Peeping and whirring,
Wooing from those wet places
The wind slips by some trees
Rustles others
The river burbling, rushing
Rolling it’s rocks, gushing
About the riches
It’s bringing
Ever to the sea

A quadrille, 44 words


Leda didn’t let the lord in
Catholics eat him, like city folk
Who never met a cow or chicken
But do they really let him in?

I can’t stomach that soup
And choke on that etherial
When the swan is done I run to mum
She holds me less indifferently

Shaking sobbing shuddering
The beating wing will lift
These vibrations coursing through me
Hot soles, heart beat breathing

In this bowl a burning match
What will this new knowledge hatch?



behaviours parsed
accepted, rejected
compressed like
charcoal briquettes

polite society
sublime, refined
human pets

honor expressed
aknowledged, respect
thats the value
of ettiquette