seen with almond eyes

Vincent_van_Gogh_-_Almond_blossom_-_Google_Art_Projecthere then are the thoughts:
prowling tigers
scarred stumps
wrinkled caterpillarlimbs
ideas and defences branch
a garden of forking paths
the crane lifts her yellow bill
in the parts that seem least sane
burst forth beautiful
surprising surmising enticing
other than these bright twigs
it’s all blues. so i’ll paint
these peachy petals
the geckos flower feet stick
to the glass
the story told here may come to pass
the empty petals are the beauty of it


subtitle: Scene with almondize

ekphrastic interpretations of a madmans visions, trees, always trees…

Poets Untied


She lays her song on our ears
The way she lays her body down
On the sharp edge of his sword
          So gently

Just enough to hurt but not enough to bleed

We waver, there, oscillating
Delicately balanced on the brink
Music-wrapped, not quite agony
          So gently

Inspired by this song:

Avast, ye swabs

Ye be a detective of sorts
With yer readin
Sifting through words
For meanin

But what gold do you find there
In those thin poetic lines?
None of that will pay yor passage
It’s only there in your mind.

I’ll take my klews from
Yellowbeard’s treasure map
With real gold I’ll buy me rum
And on the swell, take me nap

The midweek motif is evidence, or clues, over at Poets United
And it’s also Talk Like A Pirate day, one of the chief festivals of Pastafarianism. Yay! Yellowbeard is a pirate movie by Monty Python and Cheech and Chong.

I prey

Day after day
Back and forth
Along the highway
The drone of the rubber on the road
Among the roadside rubbish 
and occasional dead toad,
The crickets don’t bother 
to stop their chirping
When I pass within feet of their hiding places.
They know I’m no threat.
The pavement belies my passage
Lets me Leave no tracks
To know that I’ve 
come, And then gone