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Facing fears, dealing with abandonment as a baby, adoption by the most loving people in the world, i am the wizard, the dragon, the warrior, the eagle. This is the journey

First published in The Sheaf literary magazine, and in Four Walls at Montclair State, Eric has been writing poetry since high school. Mr Erb has also written for The Montclairion, a campus newspaper.

Consistent themes are nature, love, landscapes, roads, and more recently family, adoption and meditation. Frequent alliteration meets infrequent rhyme.

We welcome your comments. We also have much more material, if there is interest in publishing we would be amenable. Please contact us for questions comments concerns and correspondence as we welcome dialogue from across the globe.

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10 thoughts on “About

  1. Deep insights! I was fascinated by the poems.
    When I read one, I couldn’t stop myself from reading another and later I knew I had read many and many of your poems.
    wonderful Eric 😀

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  2. I look forward to meditating in the mountains, in the rain again 🙂

    We have graduated from the snow to the rain…in the coming years perhaps we will finally achieve the sun’s light.

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