Missing Blink

a missing blink
a drink
a cow

nevermind all that
infinity is our birthplace, birthright

the how
is now.

a rehash of the prompt

Day Six


The man upstairs

The wind is so thoroughly
Out of my poetic sails
too tired to hoist them
After weathering these emotional gales
A soft place to land
Is what I need most
there’s more of me to give
Before I go to meet
The man upstairs

DVerse pub

Stoned 2

sit with me in the river bed
contrast the turbulent never
ending flow above our head

sit with me in a circle with our sisters
steadfast we fence flames flickering

sit with me as days strobe by
seasons waffling hot and cold
watch forests sprout then die

sit with me and feel the ground
that hum’s the long song of stillness
that the stone people found.



May is rehash, rework, rewrite.  Picking through the april showers, to try and find a few may flowers.  ship me off to new lands, ideas, emotions.

Yungday 2

the birds know
its the first, faint glow
that gets their song
the day
too young to be wrong

sunlight licks around
the hills of ground
lights first the reed fronds
glow beyond the dark trees



43 poems in april.  *whew*.  really feel exhausted at the moment.  thank you all for reading, liking and commenting.

Lanthorn Lid

Alright, so here it is
It was that gleam in her eye
The way the whole world
Lit up, got brighter
When that I did spy

And you know i cannot lie
When she ripped open my vest
Parted my lips and thrust
How the light poured in
When she stabbed my chest

I must admit its less than best
When she shuts that lantern lid
Bitches about the bills
But still, marrying her was
The best I ever did


A maze of twisty little passages

I am in amazement
Of twisty little passages
Quotes culled from sacred texts
All alike
The insides of snail shell shapes
Ask not my shadow how low you can go
You’ll find yourself fucked and eviscerated
But this dark side is not like the force
Of the wind in black sails, no
It is inconstant, full of ebb and flow
Like the dark side of the earth
That always turns away
And keeps turning, into day
You are in amazement
At the sight of this.
Little twisting passages
Across the face of the sun
All indifference


for the last April prompt at d’verse.  Http://dversepoets.com/2019/04/30/poetics-limbo a descent into the contorted backbendy antechambers of some heavenorhellish afterlife

Referencing the first computer game, Adventure.  A great article about it here: http://www.juliandibbell.com/texts/cavespace.html  the underlying motive of the cave space as paralleled in our virtual world is fascinating