Mains’l (sun)set

The sun sails the vast blue sky
The western hatch is opening
The sun enters the hold
A fitting berth



It only took a sunset

We met, late in the day
With few but certain words we say
The door of our hearts flung wide
By nightfall we could not hide


America almost stood up

A swan (dive)
Rain falling
Thump.  Thumpthump.  Thump
Galvanization (flakes off)
Bridges bare of flags.
The sky.
Vast, blue. Without us

Based on The prompt at dVerse Pub, where we are asked to reflect on a previous work of our own, on this day. What I most remember is how unified I felt, how patriotic. We were all Americans for a few days. Flags were everywhere.
There was a choice before us. Crush, burn, or jump? What would you do?


Quintessential quest
To Quantify, quarks and quasars.
quartzite quarrymen 
quaff kirsch and quesadillas, Quarreling.
Queen and King.  .
Questioning, Quibbling quotients
Quoting quacks…

Quenchless animosity quarantined, 
Quickly and Quietly quelled, 
Quagmire circumnavigated!
Quadrille quipped, then quilled,
Quaint qualities compared, coalesce,
 come to
Quorum.  43
Quit 44


Receiving is the gift

I cannot fathom the generosity
In allowing me to go on breathing
When I contribute nothing

That she stays with me at all is amazing
That she helps and gives at every turn, astounding

Once you taste this cake,
What care can you have for meat?
None of that, bake this everywhere!
Take the earthy gift of mud
 make ovens, and there bake
The cake of charity.  Those
Who take this and eat of it
Become wealthy in my kingdom!

When I’m sated on the wonders of her oven
And the late light comes streaming in
The window and falls upon her hair, then
With bursting heart I sing, ever so
Quietly, with each breath, her praises.  
I long to return This joy, to aid, assist, to help
Her in some way, and she might smile
At my fumbling, chuckle at my bumbling, but 
At bottom, she’ll not have it.
I’ve learned there’s moments when
The best gift to give, is to, with grace
And gratitude, receive.

Oh thank you, thank you

Thank you


How can it be

Eighteen yellow roses arrived today
The forth of September, with walnut tree
leaves Falling like snow, twirling to the ground
Nineteen years ago Rose arrived that may
The eighth of may, with black pekoe tea
Leaves twirling in my cup, spun my world around

Each year another yellow rose joined the spray
In our marriage we just grew more free
Under Each stone turned, more love we found
Each year another since our wedding day 
entwined together, she taught me how to be
Over my stone heart she always astound

Seventeen times that annual bouquet
September fourth, under the walnut tree
Under love lightened hearts we danced around
Twice she got stents and god, did I pray
For life without her I just could not see
Third time, no charm, left me gagged and bound

Sixteen weeks since she left this world, that day
The fourth September dying walnut tree
Dried yellow petals, weep dull lifeless sound
Eighteen yellow roses arrived today

Dawn brings my lunch

Some strange dream went on, laying planks across stone buttresses on either side of a stream high up in the foothills, then leaping from the window of the second story room in my parents house where I grew up and flying down through a torchlit grove of Aspen trees among revelers, coming to rest on a luxurious round bed with dark skinned women, to sleep after the days long labors.  And then just as my dreamself was falling asleep, the alarm rang! 
   Wrenched from an exhausting dream, it is half past midnight.  A cold shower slaps the sleep away long enough to survive an hour on the motorway at 128km/hr to settle into my shackles.  Ed says ‘mornin but dawn is still four hours away…

Inhumane shift work
sucks dry the human soul
Slight relief in winter