Love, Live, Give

oh Love has got me now
up against the wall
i am strong enough to deny her
but i can never win that way
i am too weak to let go
too weak to let her in
too weak to open that door
love more
give up, give in
though it feels like nothing’s left
and death is but a moment away
the only thing to do is




Sidewalk Squares

Sidewalk squares like a strip of graph paper
Lead along city streets with graphic violence paved
Above, alone, Graf zeppelin drones along
Sidewalk squares graph my route
That might look like a scrabble grid
(21points for Zeppelin)
Through the great grey concretions
Graffiti’d here and there like comic book cels
Punctuate the graphite gray of sidewalk squares
That fill this contrived geography.
And then, turning on the two thousand four hundred
Ninty-third square, (like always) there it is,
graphite-558069_1920like a polygraph
Plotting out the lying city, witnessing.
Looming large, looking out over it’s untravelled alley way
A vibrant splash, leviathan eye!  Illuminated from within,
Plays out it’s Graphic novel story
With all the colors that were long lost lost

Street View
Here are some other poets visions for this artwork:


One day I waS walking along the road
Outside the city walls, and there
In a ditch, was a shiney thing.
So I picked it up and put it in my pocket.
I know. But it was shiney, and thrilling
and I was young
It wasn’t very heavy then.
But as you know, curses are tumors,
And I did pick it up of my own free will and accord.
So it grew.
Every time I looked at it, it became
A little more important, a little heavier.
A little harder to put down.
I wish I could go back, and leave it be,
But that ditch is now a sidewalk
That boy is now grown. Inconstant, grown beyond it’s walls
That city is gone

20171113 for the Chapbook challenge at Writers Digest.


B   S
r   w
a   o
n   r
d   d
i    s
held high
in the air
Glinting in the sun
     Sharp                 penetrating
     Radiant               thirsty 

My enemy is deceived, And thinks they are my weapons.