how can i be american
and think these things?
what of those immigrants who still come here
looking for freedom
are they decieved? have they been lied to?
or will they find what eludes me, who have been born here?

what right do i have to sit here
under this fruitful tree
and starve?
is not the hunger also rooted right here?

Look at this culture.
each individual monitored incessantly.
tracking devices on each man woman child
microphones in every home and car

President Camacho carries on
the sheeple keep buying it
crying treason about russia
feeding the facebook frenzy
stroking each other
while walmart sends their dollars to china



Extreme datacenter

A great big block of a building with no features save for it’s edges
A handleless door every fifty feet or more, no visible entrance
One lone handle, pulled, leads into a tiny chamber, too small to lay down in
Electromagnet unlocks, door opens into a lobby space with security behind thick plexiglass
After approval the next portal opens into airlock, one must close, trapped,
before the next opens, onto conference rooms cubicles and vending machines
And still we are not in the belly of the beast, not yet to the meat of it, no
The final palm print reader opens into the warehouse of ideas
47 types of pipes overhead color coded and labeled accordingly
Rows and columns of cages constructed one by one by twenty two or more
Cooling units larger than my first apartment blasting through ductwork
fit for jacks nemesis, constantly blowing to keep their charges cool
Whisking away the heat of processors crunching through their code
In each cage, racks upon racks of stacks of servers some cloaked in chaotic
jumble of crossed cables colored like skittles candy
Others orderly, a huge investment in cash and effort, blue lights blinking
Wiring chases neatly stuffed with power on one side, data flowing on the other
Fifty thousand computers or more storing analyzing and serving up information
This is where we house the cloud, there is no cloud! It’s someone else’s server!
Fed endless electricity by duplicate generators about the size of a seven eleven
Tanks of diesel lined up like the docks in Linden new jersey feed the monsters in their zoo
Everything about your actual life it can possibly collect,
Everything you company does, every problem every triumph, in the cage next to you fiercest competitor
Your friends, your likes, who you’ve unfriended and after a brief AI analysis, why
And your entire digital world, your playground your escape, your bank accounts
It’s all here

20160427 Inspired by