Can it be, I am yet, only three?
I got him into a corner, that little boy me
He dug in his heels
He’s trying to tell me something
I’m not listening


The chicken and the lion

The little boy in me, 
the lions share even at this age,
Is yet not innocent enough
To let the lion out.
There is still enough. Fear in me
To leave the lion locked up.
And you know, I can’t blame him
The lion has been fierce and wild.
somehow I hope to teach him
Of the lions nobility.
For that I’ll need
The kings majesty.
Heh, but look inside and see,
The king can tame the wild warrior.
I thought the warrior was caged,
And the king abdicated.  But in wrighting this
Mayhap I’ve got the players mixed up.
Of course, the egg came first
The chicken was too afraid



In Loving Kindness

In loving kindness
I still myself
And stand on sacred mountain
Watching my mind whirl away
Down there in the world

In loving kindness
I cradle my scared inner child
And hold him in my heart
Watching him lash out
Blinded by tears

In loving kindness
I still myself
And rise to sacred mountain
Watching my ego taking
Credit for even this

In loving kindness
I see my reflection
Within me, the sacred mountain
I fall back in trust
And love this beauty