Me, Garden


me garden




is here

that baby you crave
cannot fill that hole.
there is no food for this hunger.

that is soul-longing.
do not seek it’s end.

You are a pipe,
that emptiness is essential.
open the tap
and let love flow through you


Be Not Proud

an ode to Ragnarr, who had the heart of a dragon, so much that mere man-flesh could not no more contain.

death is the measure
of whether you lived life properly.
if death is a separation
you have a lot to learn

for me, i’ve got plenty.
i always wanted to be closer
to Ragnar, but something always
got in the way, too busy,
too this or that. What do those
details matter now?
they won’t undo my grave mistake.

i always looked for him out there
in the world, a body, a set of actions
i found him there too infrequently
and now, of course, not at all

let my failure be my admonishment to you
a lesson in what not to do:
let another into your life enough
that you are so familiar with them,
so when you find them in your heart
(where they always have been, and are)
you recognize their shining soul

Once you have that deep familiarity
death only gets the meatbag out of the way
so souls can entwine more completely.


GloPoWriMo Day 24


i want to be naked in the winter
so i build a big box that is warm inside
and there i go to hide, and dream of being free

as my soul is in my body
so my body is in my car
clearly, it is me who is driving

the inmost matryoshka is the biggest




Scattered like toys across Childs bedroom floor
Chunks of wisdom lie inside my soul
Waiting for the Hoover of awareness
To find them


The whole hole of me

It’s ok to feel that way
It’s not that you haven’t been whole
You’ve just been exploring 
Some smaller parts of you
That’s a good thing to do

Look into my eyes
For I am the mirror
And in me you’ll see your soul
And then you’ll know
You’ve been whole all along